Kunlun Tire 2021 Annual Conference on Tire Technical Innovation and Market Development

January 5th – January 7th, 2021

Conference Theme: Quality, Integrity, Culture, to be the most professional tire manufacturer

Double Coin - Kunlun Tyre Group 2021 Annual Meeting

2021 Distributors and Suppliers Annual Meeting is holding in Nanning city, Guangxi province, China. More than 300 tire distributors and suppliers attended the meet to share good results and industry development in 2020 and to get a bright future in 2021 together!

The conference includes:

  • Technical paper presentations - < Intelligent Tire Manufacturing>
  • A Keynote speaker by Mr. Zhang, Chairman of Double Coin Holding. <Double Coin Global Vision, Brand Positioning, Technical Development>
  • A Plenary lecture by Mr. Ma,  Vice Present of Double Coin- Kunlun Group. < 2020-2021 Tire Annual Marketing Report>
  • A Plenary lecture by Mr. Yang, General Manager of Double Coin- Kunlun Group. < New Opportunities and challenges in Tire Industry 2021> 
  • Panel discussions with industry experts
  • Honor great distributors and suppliers in 2020, and sign strategic cooperation for 2021
Kunlun Tire 2021 Annual Conference on Tire Technical Innovation and Market Development 1

Intelligent Tire Manufacturing

Presentation of  China’s “intelligent tire manufacturing”

As a leader in transforming and upgrading the tire industry and the pilot plant for intelligent manufacturing, Double Coin adopts independent innovation as its development philosophy. To realize the integration of information technology and industrialization, Double Coin sticks to the intelligent manufacturing model, which features “Automation, informatization, Intellectualization, Digitalization, Visualization and Traceability  ”in the production process. Supported by ENOVIA, with its industrial 4.0 Demonstration Plant, Double Coin strives to promote the standardization of intelligent manufacturing and accelerates the movement of replacing old growth drivers with new ones. It will continue to deepen its efforts in high-end intelligent manufacturing system integration in the industry to consolidate and build to be the most professional tire manufacturer.

Mr. Ma - Chairman of Double Coin Holding


Double Coin Global Vision, Brand Positioning, Technical Development 2021


Mr. Zhang is currently Chairman of Double Coin Holding. In this role, he gave great respect for the hard work of Kunlun Leadership and the continuous support of tire distributors in 2021. He also shared the global vision, brand positioning, and strategic plan of Double Coin Tire Group, introduced the five major subsidiaries and 6 factories, analyzed tire industry trends and Double Coin's strategic plan during the Chinese 14th Five-Year Plan period.

Mr. Zhang also pointed out, supported by the same technical team, Kunlun’s product is in the same line as Double Coin’s products. Double Coin- Kunlun will also give strong support to provide stable and quality tires for the market. Kunlun will cooperate sincerely with all the distributors and suppliers to create a bright future!

Kunlun Tire 2021 Annual Conference on Tire Technical Innovation and Market Development 2


2020-2021 Tire Annual Marketing Report


Mr. Ma is is currently Marketing Manager of Double Coin - Kunlun Group, he gave a brief introduction of Kunlun’s technical improvement, new product design, intelligent manufacturing, lean production process.

Mr. Ma also pointed out the marketing plan for 2021. It is necessary to fully subdivide regions, strengthen channels, create new products, expand marketing, further improve management capabilities, and seize opportunities to meet new challenges.

2021-2022 Kunlun’s Improvement Strategy in Global Market- To be the most professional tire manufacturer
To be the most professional tire manufacturer


2021-2022 Kunlun’s Improvement Strategy in Global Market


General Manager of Double Coin - Kunlun Group, Mr. Yang made the keynote Speak.

Under the severe impact of the covid-19 in 2020, the continuously rising of raw materials, unstable of logistics and transportation, restricted of and foreign trade, we get a great achievement by mutual support and efforts together with all the suppliers and partners in 2020.

In 2021, the impact of vicod-19 will gradually decrease, and the market demand will gradually recover. The tire industry will also usher in a new development. Double Coin- Kunlun Group will seize the opportunity to support high-quality tires and manufacture a wide range of high-quality products to achieve market demand on the basis of a win-win goal and 3 improvements (technological innovation improvement, manufacturing capacity improvement, employee ability improvement).

Double Coin - KunlunTyre will always maintain the policy of “safety-oriented, market-oriented, customer-oriented, quality-oriented, and cultural-oriented” and rely on the operation principle of "quality, integrity, and culture”, Kunlun is committed to being the most professional tire manufacturers and service providers in China.

Kunlun Tire 2021 Annual Conference on Tire Technical Innovation and Market Development 3
To be the most professional tire manufacturer

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