Presentation Radial Tractor Tires in 2021 Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Presentation Radial Tractor Tires in 2021 Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Time: Oct. 26th-28th, 2021 Address: Qingdao World Expo International Exhibition Center Kunlun extends its agricultural radial tires from the series 65 and the series 85 to the series 70 and the series 80. Radial Tractor tires with stable and reliable quality, which have entered the global supplier system of world-class automakers. Technical Benefits:   •  High traction and braking […]

The Tyre Production Process-Mixing

The Tyre Production Process-Mixing 1

Process One: Mixing Process Mixing Process is to mix materials, such as Carbon Black, Natural Synthetic Rubber, Oil, Additive, Accelerator,] etc. together, and processing in the Internal Mixer, then get rubber film. All the materials should be test before send into Internal Mixer,after be permited then can be used. Every pot weight is about 250 […]

Kunlun Tire 2021 Annual Conference on Tire Technical Innovation and Market Development

Kunlun 2021 annual meeting

January 5th – January 7th, 2021 Conference Theme: Quality, Integrity, Culture, to be the most professional tire manufacturer 2021 Distributors and Suppliers Annual Meeting is holding in Nanning city, Guangxi province, China. More than 300 tire distributors and suppliers attended the meet to share good results and industry development in 2020 and to get a bright future in 2021 together! The […]