All-position All Steel Radial Tyres for Trucks Long Distance and National Transportation Service on Highway and City Road

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• 4 straight grooves provide good guidance and drainage performance under high-speed driving.
• Transverse steel sheet provides good grabbing property and scatters the bottom stress of pattern groove.
• The design of removing stones in the groove bottom can improve the pricking resistance.
• Reasonable driving surface design provides excellent wear resistance.
• Radial Tyres for trucks and light trucks on good road conditions as highway and city roads.


Tire Size Ply Rating Pattern Tread Depth
Speed Rating Load Index Rim Section Width
Load Capacity (kg) Inflation Pressure/kpa Tread Width
11.00R20 18 KT288 17 K 152/149 8.0 293 3550/3250 930 220
11.00R20 16 KT288 17 K 150/147 8.0 293 3350/3075 830 220
8.25R16LT 16 KT288 13.5 M 128/124 6.50H 235 1800/1600 770 184

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