Premium All Position Light Truck and Heavy Duty Truck Tires on and off road service

Parameter Information



Kunlun, Luao

Tyre type



6.50R16, 7.00R16, 11.00R20, 12.00R20


Mixed Service


Duty Truck, Light Truck, Bus


All position

Product Introduction


Four ribs with transverse deep grooves optimize speed and traction performance.
Reasonable driving surface design improves the anti-wear performance of tire.
Special tread compound enable low heat build-up, excellent puncture and cut resistance.
Super steel belt carcass enhances casing strength and maximizes tire load capacity.
• Suitable for light truck tires, heavy duty truck tires on and off road service.


Tire Size Ply Rating Pattern Tread Depth
Speed Rating Load Index Rim Section Width
Load Capacity (kg) Inflation Pressure/kpa Tread Width
12.00R20 20 KT965☆☆(G1 Enhanced 17.2 J 156/153 8.5 315 4000/3650 900 242
11.00R20 18 KT965 17 J 152/149 8.0 293 3550/3250 930 228
8.25R20 16 KT965 15 J 139/137 6.5 236 2430/2300 930 182
7.00R16LT 14 KT965 12.5 M 118/114 5.50F 200 1320/1180 770 160
6.50R16LT 12 KT965 12.5 M 110/105 5.50F 185 1060/925 670 150

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